When life gives you mountains, you should make the most of it. I have lived in Bend for three years, and the beauty we're surrounded in here brings endless inspiration. These artworks are created in late evenings and represent me processing life at the end of long days, and enjoying what Bend is. The combination creates these visual diaries that have layers and meaning with each stroke. Sometimes the pieces are created in a few days and others taking a few weeks. The meditative process of painting is something I often crave, and each one has a different story or feeling. I encourage you to view these artworks and think about how they may reflect you and your life.



Kristine is a Bend, OR artist focusing on abstract paintings. Her paintings represent visual diaries of life. She finds sparks of inspiration everywhere she goes, whether that be hiking, paddle boarding or sitting in a coffee shop. She uses art as a way to process life and let her escape at the end of the day. Kristine has found her favorite medium to work with is acrylic on canvas, in of course bright whimsical colors. Art is an integral part of Kristine’s life. Her sidewalks as a child were covered in chalk drawings, and she went on to major with a fine arts degree from SPU. While living in Seattle she began to explore abstract paintings, and has continued in that work since.




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